Round Top Lake & Mtn.

Comments: This hike begins at one of the most lovely and tranquil lakes around Tahoe - Woods Lake. After you pause to reflect, take a deep breath and prepare to climb. The first half of the "up" gets you to Round Top Lake. Along the way you will find a stream, a couple of nice small meadows, and a mining concession. Be sure to follow the signs that keep you out of the mining area or, judging from the warnings, you just may be shot?  Rest at Round Top Lake and consider if you want to climb another 1000 feet to the Round Top mountain (hug the left side of the Lake). If you do you will be rewarded with a stunning view (you are at 10,300 feet) and some fun alpine flowers. If you "pass" on climbing Round Top (or summit and make it back:-)) , take the trail to the left (east) and hike to Winnemucca Lake. Along the way keep a eye out for the reddish pink of the Rock Fringe and the Sierra Primrose that highlight the mountain sides. After a brief walk up you will start down and see Lake Winnemucca in the distance. When you arrive at the Lake and cross the small stream using the log walk, turn left again and descend back to Woods Lake. Remember to follow the sign to the campsites if you have parked at Woods Lake. Otherwise follow the sign to the parking lot (see directions below).

Directions: Woods Lake is found off Route 88 about a mile west of the Carson Pass Trailhead (see Hikes and then Carson Pass). There is a large sign on the south side of Route 88 marking the entry. Follow the paved road which makes a right turn and continue straight till you come to the Lake. shortly after the road turns right there is a large parking lot which I advise you to ignore. If there are no spots by the Lake, retreat to this lot. Assuming you have found a spot near the Lake, the trail begins by Campsite 11. Follow the little path to the main trail and go left. Remember coming back down to ignore the sign to the parking lot and go to the campsites.