Page Meadows

Comments: The variety of flowers that you may enjoy with little physical effort, is truly outstanding.  As the first hike of a flower class , we identified over twenty five flowers in a matter of hours.  One caution is that you may wander off the trails into the various meadows that will delight you, so keep your bearings for the return trip.paige-meadows

Directions: Starting at Tahoe City, drive south on Route 89.  Just south of the Sunnyside Resort take a right at the two large wooden gates announcing Pineland. When Pineland drive forks, go left (Twin Peaks Drive) for 1.5 miles and look for a logging road on the right. The logging trail leads to a series of sun drenched meadows for your enjoyment.  At the first fork on the dirt trail bear left and you will quickly see a sign indicating Page Meadow with an arrow pointing left as this path divides again.  I take the right fork at this juncture and return on the trail that the sign points to by taking a left turn at the last meadow.