Grass Lake

Comments: How about some truly different flowers? Grass Lake is home to  unusual flowers  (see below right). What makes them so unusual is that they live in a very wet environment, not the norm around Lake Tahoe. The hike has a unique  feel as well as flowers. The “feel” is somewhat like walking on a very large waterbed. Everything moves in response to each footstep you and your companions take. Plan to be soaked up to about you knees, but feel assured that you won’t fall through into the lake. Flowers that love it this wet are not the norm here in Tahoe. So enjoyGrass-Lake-View-hor the oddities such as the insect eating Sundew flower, the brilliant Pond Lily, the Purple Cinqfoil, and the fuzzy Buckbean. Can you tell which is which? The kids will love this place, but they will get soaked.  So be prepared.

Directions: Leave Tahoe going south on Route 50. After passing through the agriculture inspection station look for the Route 89 turnoff on your left. After passing through the Christmas Valley you will begin you climb up to Luther Pass. At the summit  (7.1 miles) Grass Lake will be on your right. Just pull over (I prefer the second area), put on your flip-flops and enjoy the fun.